Translation, writing and academic work

Here is the abstract of my PhD thesis about Iranian criminal courts.

Here is the online version of the Oxford Handbook of Islamic Law, of which I wrote the Iran chapter (“Islamic law in post-revolutionary Iran”).

Some of my writings about compassion for animals can be found here (original title: “Another me”), here, here and here. Three of my short stories received honourable mentions for literary prizes (this, this and this). Assuming I was rubbish at fiction, I gave up trying to write any more, but maybe one day I’ll try again.

Here (page 2 and photo caption) is praise of my interpreting work for a film festival at the Castro Theatre (even though they misspelled my name – Fujinaka). Also here (page 4) for a culinary event and here (page 2) for various events featuring actor Ninetto Davoli.


Interpreting for the Mayors of San Francisco (Ed Lee) and Naples (Luigi de Magistris).

Luigi de Magistris a San Francisco (3)

Interpreting at the Commonwealth Club of California.


Interpreting for Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino (director of The Great Beauty etc) in 2013.


With actor Ninetto Davoli.


Interpreting for Ninetto Davoli, director Pier Paolo Pasolini’s favourite actor.


Interpreting at the New Italian Cinema festival, 2014, for Alessandro Lunardelli (writer/director of Il mondo fino in fondo), with Rod Armstrong of the SFFS.


Interpreting at the 2015 San Francisco International Film Festival. With Laura Bispuri (director of Sworn Virgin), Rod Armstrong (programmer, SFFS), and Flonja Kodheli (the actress who played Lila in Sworn Virgin).


Interpreting at the 2015 New Italian Cinema Events film festival. With Italian Consul General Mauro Battocchi, Viviana del Bianco (director of NICE), and Rod Armstrong (programmer at the San Francisco Film Society).