I invent songs – mostly tragicomical, occasionally serious – which I sing and play on the ukulele, shamisen or sometimes piano. My songs have carefully wrought lyrics and musical influences ranging from Renaissance and Balkan to Celtic, minyo (Japanese folk music) and jazz. I often use obscure vocabulary, scientific terms, literary or historical references and unusual rhythms (9, 7, 13, 11, 5 etc). Intellectually curious people who like dry humour might enjoy my songs.

Contact:; +1 – 628 – 999 2557. Youtube: Formicola.

My comic pro-science COVID song: “But where are the plagues of yesteryear?”

My song “Humans, won’t you love me?” about being bad at everything except spelling:

“I may be some time”: my song about lateness, and homage to Captain Oates:

I’ll be happy to play for you: I can tailor the set list for preferences (e.g. kid-friendly, wholesome, ultra-dry, extra-grim etc). Here I am playing at the San Francisco Outer Sunset Farmers’ Market:


I also sing (and sometimes play bass) in the duo ‘Sushi and Spaghetti‘ (guitar and vocals) and sometimes a trio, ‘Sushi, Spaghetti and Cheeseburger’ (guitar, vocals and saxophone), in San Francisco. We play on Saturdays, between 1:30 and 3:30 PM, at the Java Beach Cafe’, by the last stop of the N Judah near the beach. We’ll be happy to play at your venue or event!

Katun, my Balkan band in Michigan until I had to move away (I miss them).

Bulgarian song Tsafnalo Tsveke Shareno performed by Katun (I am the singer).

Greek song Dontia Pikna performed by Katun (I am the singer).

Japanese sea shanty Tairyo Bushi (shamisen and all voices performed by me).