Custom Clothing

Clothing created expressly to your specifications and fitted to your body shape. Contact me on for more information.

Here are some examples of clothing that I have made.

Green mid-season coat with large zippered pockets and bound buttonholes:

IMG_3574 IMG_3576


Embroidered kanji for ‘Ant’ (done by hand).

Long black winter coat with large zippered pockets. The reinforced pockets are large enough to accommodate quite substantial books, and the zippers prevent objects from falling out and create an obstacle for pickpockets. Buttonholes are bound and buttons are reinforced with backing buttons, so they don’t pull on the fabric of the garment. The coat is fully lined and also has thermal interlining for warmth (tested in the far north of Japan).

IMG_3220 IMG_3217

Blue dress with tatted lace:


The dress has fairly large pockets, as do all the clothes I make.


Detail: tatted lace around the neckline.


More tatted ornamentation, this time on the neckline of a lilac version of this dress.

Durable burgundy dress with fitted bodice, long sleeves and full skirt:

IMG_3176 IMG_3170


And, of course, pockets! Mass-produced girls’ clothing too seldom has them, or at best has tiny ones.

Black dress with square neckline, pleated sleeves, and of course, pockets:



Long blue coat with, of course, large zippered pockets and bound buttonholes:

IMG_3232 IMG_3230

IMG_3244 IMG_3238


Hand-embroidered kanji for ‘Ant’.

Yellow dress with small square neckline:


It has pockets too of course!

More clothing details:


Bound buttonholes on the jacket of a skirt suit.

Bound buttonholes and wide, sturdy hanging loop on the green coat shown earlier.

IMG_3860 IMG_3865


Tatted and beaded hanging loop on the inside of the burgundy jacket whose buttonholes are shown above.


Detail of light blue dress with square neckline and pleated sleeves.


French seams on the inside of the same light blue dress. French seams enclose the raw edges which would otherwise remain inside garments, rendering those garments more durable (because each seam is reinforced by another internal seam) and more comfortable (because there is a neat finished edge and not a tickly raw edge inside the garment).


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